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The last twenty years have been eventful for the Continent. While the region is certainly no stranger to conflict, the Continent saw the first general war since the time of Rajko the Ghūl. It started simply enough, with Autocracy of Iovan trying to seize some disputed territory from Hexworth. As the war escalated, more nations were sucked into the conflict. Some got involved due to long-standing alliances, while others saw an opportunity to pursue their own interests. In the end, every nation on the Continent took part and the conflict became known as the War of Crowns for this reason. It raged for five years and in the end the cost in lives and gold was enormous. For all that, there was little change in the political landscape. Some small amounts of territory changed hands and some heroes and villains were created, but overall the War of Crowns accomplished little.

Since the war’s end nine years ago, all the nations have been trying to recover from its effects. Many towns and villages have been rebuilt and trade amongst allies has been robust. More gold has been sunk into armies and navies as well, and border skirmishes and raids are a frequent occurrence. Some believe the leaders of the Continent would never plunge it into another such war. Others think that it’s only a matter of time before a spark hits the powder keg and war once again tears the land apart. 

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The World

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