The City


For all the people that live here, Freeport’s not a huge, sprawling metropolis. It’s a modest city huddling in all its ugliness at the southern end of the largest island of the Serpent’s Teeth. That the city grew haphazardly is not lost on those who venture here. In many ways, it looks like it was cobbled together from whatever materials washed up on shore, and yet, there are still new places in the city. The walls of the Old City loom over everything, and one can’t ignore the beautiful estates of the Merchant District. That said, Freeport is not pristine with whitewashed buildings and perfectly symmetrical streets. The City of Adventure has grown without regard for planning—and it shows.


Freeport has a character of its own, but it’s one that reflects the nature of the people that live, work, and die here. It started as a small village but grew far faster than the founders ever expected. Therefore, much of the city has been added haphazardly, with new sections built to accommodate the influx of new settlers. As Freeport grew, neighborhoods formed, bound by common interests, wealth, and influence. In time, these clusters developed into the current districts. 

The Docks


The Eastern District

Drags End

The Temple District

Merchant District

Warehouse District

The Old City



The City

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